Sunday, October 11, 2009


See here's what happens when I don't post everyday I wait like 2 weeks to post again lol. Here's what I've been working on recently. I need a backgrounndddd I wanted it to be graffiti but I really really suck at graffiti at the moment maybe I'll just leave it until I get better or just put some other ideas on tracing paper so I don't do anything I regret lol

why are pictures from my phone so big for no reason???? lol

another portrait alsoooo can ya guess who it is?? probably not lmao. I'm not there yet but I just gotta keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming lol.

oh yes yes yes almost forgot. I looked at mtv's top 10 emcees list recently and what the heck is MTV DOING?!?! Gucci mane for real for real anyway I think in response to this list Lupe Fiasco made the song Fire please please give it a listen this dude is so underrated in my eyes I think he's AWESOME!!! lol here's a......................LINK

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Jason Irizarry said...

SHE.... IS ...... BEAUTIFUL!!!!