Friday, September 18, 2009

Pusha Pusha

Okk turns out I had one of these for a minute butt never really used it oopss. I could've probably had some faithful readers by now buttt maybe not lol. Anyway a friend of mine told me to start using a blog to put up artwork so that others would come check it out.
For my first post I wanted to put up a picture of one of my favorite singers Lloyd since I've been listening to his new song Pusha over and over. The picture I drew is a little off and I have to try again but since everyone is not perfect and usually dont get things on the first try I'd figure I'd put it up but PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT THE GOOD ONE BY NO MEANS!!!!! I don't want nobody talking bout "This chick can't draw that don't even look like Lloyd at all" LOL anyway here it is

Yeaaa attempt numba 2 coming soon hopefully I may or may not start it today because I feel like a failure we'll see lol maybe I'll put some of my jewelry up tomorrow or later on tonight

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